Bachelorette Party Denver

If your BFF is about to be married, the least you can do is throw her a great bachelorette party. Denver is where you'll find PT's Showclub at 1601 W Evans. Bring your besties and come spend the evening and night sending the bride-to-be off in style. We're open 'til 4AM four nights a week.

Getting married may not be the once-in-a-lifetime event it used to be, but it's very special, nonetheless. When girls are little, they daydream about the man they will someday marry. In a perfect world, weddings would be wonderful and marriages would last forever. For the sake of your betrothed friend, let's hope it all works out that way. In any case, sending the girl off to a life of wedded bliss should be done in a most remarkable fashion. Hold a bachelorette party Denver on a Friday or Saturday night, and it will be. Fridays and Saturdays are when PT's Showclub pulls out all the stops and hosts wild and wooly male strippers from Bare Assets. Who knows what sort of mischief the bride-to-be will get up to, when in a private VIP room with a hot male dancer? If you can keep a secret, so can we.

For a bachelor or bachelorette party, Denver does it best at PT's Showclub. The place is refurbished and redecorated now, but back in the 1960s, this was the Family Dog. Bands as diverse as the Grateful Dead, Frank Zappa and Lothar and the Hand People played this venue. Janis Joplin was a Denver Dog regular, and if you listen very closely, you might just hear Janis laughing along with you and your friends at your bachelorette party. Do you have a bodacious bod and the desire to earn a great income? Have you ever thought about becoming an exotic dancer? If you've got the skills, you can make excellent money dancing at PT's Showclub or upstairs at PT's After Dark. Bachelorette Party Denver
PT's Showclub Denver
1601 W Evans Ave‎ Denver, CO 80223

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Bachelorette Party Denver